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light in the dark

We shine a light on your insurance situation by checking state of the market constantly and comparing it to former terms and conditions.


from A to Z

As your insurance- and financebroker we have a wide spectrum of companies and products to choose from, making it a lot easier to find the best product for our clients.



Planning your financial future and finding the best insurances for your current needs is a lot harder when spread among multiple sources. Since we have a broad overview of all the products, we don't have that problem and can offer you the perfect solution to your personal situation.


With over 10 years of professional expertience working in the investement and insurance business, we provide a wealth of knowledge in all that we offer.


Our services are calculated in the products, yet never more expensive then what you would pay doing all the work and research yourself.


We even offer special deals that are cheaper or better then what you can find on the market.



As your insurance broker we only change insurances that really need changing.


We check your current portfolio of insurances and investments, an then, depending on your prefereances, update and improve your contracts under economically reasonalbe conditions.